Langhe DOC Rosso Diavolisanti 2012

This wine is a blend of Merlot and Dolcetto. The Merlot is aged in barrique whilst the Dolcetto ages in large wooden barrels. The wine is then bottled where it remains for six months to improve its bouquet and characteristics.

Diavolisanti it’s a name, an idea, a challenge. It represents the union of two opposite worlds: the Dolcetto and the Merlot; the barrique and the piedmontese traditional winery.

The dilemma among innovation and tradition and lastly the question: is wine a rightful pleasure or a dangerous sin? Its all these things in a bottle, wrapped by the beautiful frescos of the gothic chapel of San Fiorenzo in Bastia Mondovì.


Colour: intense and dark red ruby

Bouquet: very various with minty and mineral scents

Taste: very complex with lots of nuances, very strong and persistent

Gastronomic combining: red meat and game

Service Temperature: 18° C

Basic Information

Product name: Diavolisanti
Cépage: Dolcetto e Merlot
Appellation: Langhe Rosso
Classification: DOC
Color: red
Type: still
Country/Region: Cuneo (Piemonte)
Vintage: 2012
Alcool percentage: 14,5%
Sugar rate: 2.6
Number of bottles produced: 5,000

Vinification (Wine-making)

Method: the Merlot is vinified in steel tank with a temperature of 28°C for 12 days and it is subjected to frequent repassing of must over the grapes dregs. The Dolcetto instead has got a more delicate vinification for 12 days at 25°C
Temperature: 28°C for the Merlot and 25°C for the Dolcetto
Lenght: 12 days
Malolactic: natural
Aging: 18 month
Age of barrels: 30 years / 3 years
Wood type: big barrel/ barriques
Barrels type: oak
Level of toast: medium
Aging time in wood: 18 month
Minimum aging in bottle: 4 years


% of Grape/Cépage: 60% Dogliani 40% Merlot
Soil: calcareous marc
Exposure: various
Agricultural method: conventional
Year of plantation: 1990
Date of harvest: end of September
Type of harvest:manual
Geolocation: Bastia Mondovì


Empty bottle weight: 500 g
Date of bottling: 19/09/2014
Aging potential: 10 years
Cork size: 24×45
Cork material: natural
Bottle type: Bordeaux bottle

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