We follow personally every vinification process of our grapes

Since last generations, they reserved the sunniest ridges of the hills, choosing with care the most proper soils, with marl mixed with clay, to Dolcetto vines that give rise to the most esteemed wine of this part of Langa.

In the company Bricco del Cucù, vines are cultivated without the use of insecticide.

Grapes, only produced by the Company, are made wine in the ancient cellar of the farm, respecting the tradition that favours the use of durmast barrels, to the conservation of wines until the bottling.

Every vinification processes, from wine-pressing until bottling, are followed personally by the directory Irene Sciolla and his father Dario, diligent to exalt at the maximum the quality and the personality of wine.

The Dogliani Superiore

Our pride, specifies Dario Sciolla, is the Dogliani Superiore San Bernardo DOCG, ideal in the coupling with important dishes as meats, game, cheeses.

We produce, through the ageing in wood barrels, 5.000 bottles per year.

His structure is hard with a big presence of tannins, distinguishing from that one of classic Dolcetto.

His Majesty the Dolcetto is the most significant product

Also our Dogliani DOCG is esteemed and refined, produced in the quantitative of 25.000 bottles per year.

In fact in 1997 and 1998 our Dogliani received the prize “Douja d’or”. At last we have Dolcetto delle Langhe, produced in the quantitative of 15.000 bottles per year, it has got a less binding nectar than the classic base and it’s ideal to daily meals.


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