The Company

We are viticulturists for ages and we give all our personal passion to this profession


The nomination Azienda Bricco del Cucù was born from the union of two names: the resort Bricco in Bastia Mondovì, and the appellation of the most important vine, Cucù.

Company origins are in the tradition of the viticulturists of these lands and in the expert work of Giuseppe Sciolla. He followed his grandfather in his viticulturist activity.

We are viticulturists for ages and we give all our personal passion to this profession.

He decided to dedicate his self after the company in 1990, after an external experience.

And today, Dario’s father continues to live in vineyards, even if he’s 85. He gives advices and love to a work that represents the highest expression of life.

The renewal of the cellar

Traditions apart, the technological qualitative leap of the company was in 2001.

The production process in the cellar was completed remade through the acquisition of avant-garde implantations that are perfect to take care of the fermentation and the bottling process.

Winery visit

To taste these delicious typical wines, you only have to call Dario Sciolla.

He’ll act as a guide through the rows of vines, where you’ll hear Dario’s quiet step, while he’s working with his hands in the big earth, repeating ancient actions.

The same actions of his father, and before of his grandfather.


To till and to produce Dolcetto to delight the clientele’s palates: these are Bricco del Cucù targets.

A Piedmontese clientele, prevalently, continues Dario Sciolla, and mainly composed by restaurants.

But in the last years we are working in small quantitatives with the foreign market, especially with USA, Denmark and Germany.

Our target is to increase this presence with small steps and with the maximum respect of the quality.

In the future we want to diversify vines and to produce, through apposite implantations, also vines as Merlot and Barbera, that are perfect to the ageing in barrique.

Reality, product and ambitions

These are Bricco del Cucù’s main characteristics that take shape from the respect of some secrets, to be and to remain a good producer: secrets are a lot, but I think the main secrets are passion and experience.

When you enter a new reality and you are young, you would like to change radically everything.

During the years, you understand that instead, it’s essential to revisit the history, your own history and the history of the product, and choose with care every detail.

So vine, his position, the ancient methodologies of the process that conduce to the final result, naturally made up-to-date and renovated.

Also from this point of view you have to be very careful. You must update yourself, especially in the producer’s interest, that is to comply with the clientele’s tastes that is always more fine and exigent.

History, art, wines and typical products are waiting for you in our cellar

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