• Dogliani docg 2011 – Magnum size
    Dogliani docg 2011 – Magnum size
    LIMITED EDITION Denomination: Dogliani D.O.C.G. Our main product, for the first year as Dogliani d.o.c.g., presented in the magnum size. Tasting Colour: intense red ruby with violaceous traces Bouquet: very rich and fruity Taste: cherry and almonds, medium bodied Gastronomic combining: meat and important second dishes Service Temperature: 16-18° C Production Process Vinification: Alcoholic fermentation for 7 – 8 days at checked ...
  • Dogliani DOCG Superiore San Bernardo 2011
    Dogliani DOCG Superiore San Bernardo 2011
    Denomination: Dogliani DOCG Superiore Intense red ruby wine, with violaceous marked reflections, it has got a remarkable tannic structure and fruity scents. Suited to a middle period of ageing. “Our pride – specifies Dario Sciolla – is the Dogliani D.OC.G. San Bernardo, named as the church built near the vineyard. It’s ideal in thecoupling with important dishes as ...
  • Langhe DOC Bianco 2016 Livor
    Langhe DOC Bianco 2016 Livor
    Denomination: Langhe DOC Bianco Obtained from a blend of Arneis vine and Sauvignon vine. It has a generous bouquet, intensely perfumed with apple flavour yet soft and agreeable to the palate. Livor means envy in latin, it is inspired by the Ride of vices painted in the chapel of San Florence in San Florence. Tasting Colour: very intense and brillant straw Bouquet: vegetal with nettle and fresh ...
  • Langhe DOC Dolcetto 2016
    Langhe DOC Dolcetto 2016
    Denomination: Langhe DOC Dolcetto It’s a medium bodied wine, fruity and ready to drink, with a very rich and gentle bouquet. “…we produce 15,000 bottles of Langhe doc Dolcetto. It’s a light wine, ideal for daily meals.” Tasting Colour: brilliant red with violaceous traces Bouquet: fine and young structure with a gently fruity bouquet Taste: cherry, very persistent ithe mouth ...
  • Langhe DOC Rosso Diavolisanti 2011
    Langhe DOC Rosso Diavolisanti 2011
    Denomination: Langhe DOC Rosso This wine is a blend of Merlot and Dolcetto. The Merlot is aged in barrique whilst the Dolcetto ages in large wooden barrels. The wine is then bottled where it remains for six months to improve its bouquet and characteristics. Diavolisanti it’s a name, an idea, a challenge. It represents the union of two ...
  • Langhe DOC Rosso 2011 Superboum
    Langhe DOC Rosso 2011 Superboum
    Denomination: Langhe DOC Rosso It is a very multifaceted wine with lots of different scents: vanilla, fruits and spices. Superboum means pride from latin. It is inspired by the frescoes San Florence gothic chapel, from the ride of vices. Tasting Colour: red ruby Bouquet: vanilla, different spices and fruity scents Taste: very persistant and powerful in the mouth Gastronomic coupling: red meat Service Temperature: 18°-20 C Basic Information Product name: Langhe ...
  • Dogliani DOCG 2016
    Dogliani DOCG 2016
    Description and tasting notes Medium-bodied wine with rich fruity bouquet, with cherry flavors. Dry, graded almond. Ideal with fresh pasta dishes. We recommend a brief aging in bottle to enjoy its character. Basic information Product name: Dogliani DOCG Cépage: Dolcetto Appellation: Dogliani Classificaton: DOCG Color: red Type: still Country/Region: Piedmont Vintage: 2016 Alcool percentage: 13.5% Sugar rate: 0.3 Number of bottles produced: 2,600 Vinification (Wine-making) Method: Natural fermentation in steel without the ...


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